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I understand the nuances of public safety and the careful balance between protecting the public from violent crime and reforming our law enforcement policies and structures to better prevent instances of police brutality and misconduct.
  • I believe our law enforcement agencies  play a critical role in keeping our families and communities safe, though I know that for some communities these agencies may instill feelings of danger and fear. We need to do better to protect us all.
  • I strongly support the conviction it took to pass sweeping police reform in 2021 and believe that the success of this legislation has been shown out by the data – police violence went down by 60% after its passage. I understand that, for a multitude of reasons, there were issues with implementation that required further clarification. Changing systems requires work, clarification, and bureaucratic implementation. As a first-time candidate, my position is that our work to reduce police violence and protect communities of color is not done – and I look forward to continuing that work in the legislature.
  • Hate crimes are potent symbols of the violent hierarchy we as Americans have inherited. They are horrific tragedies and we have to take them seriously both as symbols and to protect victims and survivors. I believe we should prosecute hate crimes, and that significant penalties are appropriate, but I don’t think that harsh sentences are an effective way to prevent this type of violence. Hate crimes are a symptom of bigotry and power imbalance. I believe that the way to address them is by healing our country’s legacy of nationalist, patriarchal hate and by rebalancing the distribution of power.