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Workers and small businesses are fundamental to the health of our economy. We need to create an economy that fosters the growth of these businesses.
  • We need to invest in apprenticeship programs and strong unions to grow our economy and safe, living wage jobs. At the same time, we desperately need to reconsider our regressive tax code which exploits working people. By lowering taxes on low-income earners – and by requiring the wealthiest in our state to pay their fair share – we can spur economic growth and relieve this population of this economic burden.
  • Equity involves facilitating socio-economic mobility in a way that is mindful of individuals’ – and specifically workers’ – unique labor challenges. I believe we establish equity by insisting on living wages, safe workplaces, and strengthened collective bargaining power. In Olympia, I would pursue policies that deliberately target the employment market conditions that disregard the specific and legitimate needs of workers. My objective will be to prioritize a quality of life to which all workers are entitled.
  • We need to ensure that businesses continue to meet workers where they are at as we transition out of the acute pandemic phase, respecting their physical and emotional safeties. This means keeping existing testing efforts and vaccination requirements in place where applicable and continuing to offer paid sick leave for any employees with COVID symptoms or family/house members with COVID. The state should do everything in its power to support workers and employers through this challenging time, both in regards to available information, legislation, and monetary resources.